Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Fair Isle Crochet

Over the last few weeks I have been wanting to try some new kinds of crochet, and so I decided to learn how to crochet in fair isle. I found some really helpful videos that taught me how to switch the colors and then I designed the pattern. I had hoped to make a hat, but when doing this kind of pattern you need to use single crochet, which is not very stretchy. So after I did a few rows I realized that it would not make a very good hat and I came up with the idea to make a hot water bottle cover. 

Here are the links to the videos that taught me how, they are very clear and easy to understand.

Fair Isle Crochet Tutorial #1: How to Change Color
Fair Isle Crochet Tutorial #2: How to Catch Your Float
Fair Isle Crochet Tutorial #3: How to do a Clean Color Change In The Round

To make the hot water bottle I crocheted ribbing, connected that into a loop, crocheted along the top of that until my desired length and then sewed the top closed.

 To follow the graph just count each square as one single crochet.

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