Sunday, 9 February 2014

Crochet Beanie

There is something I need to say. I fail at crocheting hats. I have made only 1 successful hat in all of my crochet career, and if you ask my sister she might disagree with me on that. 
Until now. Yay for other talented blogger/crocheters!!

I have tried multiple beanie patterns and I've tried making up my own, but nothing would work, they never turned out how I had imagined them to be. I'm not sure how I stumbled on to Always Rooney, a fantastic blog, full of everything I love. 

The most exciting thing is that I found is a hat pattern that I kinda sorta used to make this hat! I tried out the pattern as she had it but really did not like the way it turned out, so I adapted it to be just how I wanted it to be, and I love it! Here is the pattern that I used

And now I will tell you what I did to make mine, and also the tutorial that she posted I personally found very hard to understand, it was short and not overly explained so I will try to expand it just a little. However;
**This pattern is completely Always Rooney's, all credit goes to her**

Here we go

  1. Chain(ch) 10
  2. Turn, single crochet(sc) in the second chain to the hook, and till end of chain, turn
  3. Chain 1, and crochet in the back(or the half of the stitch that is facing away from you) till end of row, turn
  4. Repeat step 3 till your ribbing fits snugly around your head. Remember it will stretch, and it is better to be a wee bit small then too big. 
  5. Slip stitch(ss) ends together.
  6. NOW here I chose to do something a little bit different. Instead of making the hat in a way that the right side of the double crochet would show, I did it in a way that the wrong side would; I really love the way that it looks. So if you would like the wrong side:
  7. Chain 3, 2 double crochet(dc) in each stitch of the ribbing. It's hard to explain, but if you look closely at the ribbing you will see sorta mountains and valleys, you want 2 dc in between the mountains. If you would like the right side do this but turn the ribbing so the seam is on the inside. 
  8. Continue until the hat is about a ten inch rectangle. Keep going if you want more slouch, and vice versa. 
  9. Flatten the hat, take the middle of the opposite side, insert hook and ss
  10. Do step 9 again but with the middle of one of the sides. Do that again and again until there is no large holes. 
Yay we are done! Add a pompom if you like :)

Thanks for reading! Please don't hesitate if you have questions and let me know how yours turned out :) 

Pictures taken and owned by me.


  1. This looks great! I love the pom pom you added:)

  2. hi Hannah I disagree with you because your beanie looks nice. That's the one thing that I can make with my eyes closed. I crochet for charity (80%) of the time and have made close to 100 hats for charities. Thank you for posting the Fair Isle design and tutorials links, something that I would like to learn to do. By the way, the hot water bottle looks awesome!! check out my blog